allegram (allegram) wrote,

Those pro and anti-federalists

We read a little bit of really old stuff at the beginning of every quarter in the class I TA for, and I can't help it I'm always impressed. It's probably like the old movie thing (ya know, it's not that they used to make better movies it's tat we only continue to watch the ones that were good), I don't believe that everybody (and by everybody I refer of course to propertied white males) could write like that, but these guys crafted a good argument. This quarter we start off with some readings of the federalists and anti-federalists (the guys who argued for and against the constitution, my students always seem to think that the anti-federalists were secretly anarchists or something and I have to explain "no, the were just fine with the articles", which leads to the "what articles" conversation) and I gotta say they both have some well expressed points. The thing that makes me sad is that reading their arguments only seems to generate random capitalization in their writing, not anysort of coherence or structure. Alas!

-This has been a random blurb from Erin

(Oh and I am also appaled that they allow me to teach writing to people, I mean really, the fact that I can help them is a bad sign...)
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