allegram (allegram) wrote,

I passed!

Caloo, calay, oh frabcious day, I chortled in my joy!

My prof told me yesterday that I passed my stupid paper: Huzzah the work paid off! Well, I get a master's anyways...that counts as a payoff right?

We're in week 10 (last week before finals) now and things are pretty hectic, but at least we're not alone. In one of my classes my teacher still hasn't returned the homeworks we did like 3 weeks ago (it was two pages long, there's a dozen of us in the class, how long can it take?). In the other class my proffessor announced yesterday that the presentations we were supposed to do on our final paper tomorrow, should probably be done sometime during finals week instead, which is good since none of us have gotten anywhere with it (he'd promised he'd do a presentation as well and wasn't ready either). So now all I have to do is a ton of work instaed of an impossible amount of work. Well I guess I should really get going on that work stuff, if I manage to get stuff done on time maybe I can convince David to get me a baby christmas tree (they're so cute!they have these little non-pine plants that they've trimmed to shape so you can have a christmas tree and thenn have a porch plant, I love the iea but David doesn't seem as keen). Course if we got a tree I"d have to clean the house for it, and that sounds pretty awful...

Oh plus, Civ 4 is terrific, I played it through my recovery and that was good but I wasn't really feeling the obsession (that was probably due to the pain and drugs combo), but now it's kicking in. Ah, glorious addiction, I cackled madly yesterday as I crushed an Aztec city and burned it to the ground (your post-capture options are "install a new governor" or "BURN, BABY BURN!" complete with caps, how I chortle as I select the latter). Dave's into it too and we've been spending entirely too much time on this hotseat game, we're about to start building the spaceship and some of the other civs haven't even discovered astronomy or paper. Anna, you've got to put this on your christmas list, best time waster ever!

Speaking of wasting time, I really have to go work, (I have this crazy teacher who wants us to turn in our assignments before class today...(we really do need more punctuation, I need an indignation mark!))I'm working on being a good friend this holiday season so people can expect calls from me at random, and probably inoportune, moments when I have time or am simply shirking my duties.

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