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Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
10:20 am
I know, I know I'm a terrible blogger. Do you know it had been 70 weeks since I posted anything? That's almost a year and a half....

Well and I'm only posting now because I'm going to be in Boston for a little while next week and I'm supposed to come up with something neat for the group to do... Please, if you can think of something cool in Boston, suggest it!
Friday, November 2nd, 2007
8:48 am
Well so someone finally decided they wanted to hire me. Actually it was a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to make sure it was going to work before I posted anything. The Garden Room (a wedding and banquet facility) has hired me to work in their office and to be a wedding coordinator. I really like the job (which is why I'm trying to ignore the fact that I really need to be making more money than this!) so far it's been a lot of fun and it's kinda neat to help all these people try to plan out their wedding. I'm working 30-40 hour weeks but doing it in only 4 days, so it's really different than anything I've done before. I've already opened by myself and am generally learning fast and doing well with my tasks so it looks like it's going pretty well.

So, yeah, that's an update. And stuff.... Well now I'm going to go and eat before I head off to work.
Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
8:30 am
Don't you just love my communication skills? I contact people, assure them that I love to chat with them, promise to get back soon, and then apparently fall off the face of the earth for months...
Well one of the reasons is that when things aren't going to plan and I don't want to admit it I stop talking to people so I won't have to. And on that note I hate substitute teaching and I'm not doing it any more. So that means that when people ask "What are you doing?" I have no good answer, so again I avoid talking to people. And then I feel lonely and depressed so I don't call people, which causes me to feel more lonely and depressed... Not the cleverest of cycles.

So I"m kinda freaking out here I have no job and no plan. And while just getting some random job isn't really a problem, I was kinda hoping to, you know, figure out what I"m doing and work towards that. The plan is not going well. My biggest problem is that I really don't know what I want to do. I mean really. I don't even really have any hobbies that I could pursue as my dream of making my fun work for me. And now I"m so desperate for a long term plan, just so I'll have something to work towards, I worry that I'll take the first thing that comes along, regardless of whether it's actually something I want to do... (Oh and when I said "kinda freaking out" I meant, really really freaking out)

So I have random bursts of freakout (as witnessed above) but mostly I"m not too uncalm (though waiting to see if everything is gonna happen in time for the trip to the Bay and Chico is pretty nerve wracking...). So don't let my lack of communication or my bizarre bursts of venting alarm you unduly.
Monday, April 23rd, 2007
8:16 am
Interesting, when I google livejournal and my username the first hit is not my page but somebody else's. I guess it makes sense since I've posted comments to her site many times more than I have entries on mine...
Was forced to find page through means other than my bookmark because my computer refuses to turn on this morning. I've entered a new stage with it where one gets to experience the excitement and thrill of uncertainty. Will it turn on? Once on will it stay on for any significant length of time? Or only long enough to get your hopes up before abruptly shutting down again? I'm going to have to send it off for repairs but I'm still trying to get everything salvageable off of it in its moments of lucidity.

Well, lets see, on Friday I substituted for the first time, it would have been crazy and scary enough even if the computer system had not misfired and I had known that I had the job earlier than say 40 minutes after it started.... And then, once I got there, the teacher's lesson plans turned out to be completely useless as they relied entirely on a guest speaker that never showed up. (Here I'm using "guest speaker" in place of "Army recruiter" and the accompanying rant on highschools that actually try to aim kids at the army, it's shorter this way...) It all settled down eventually, but I really can't help but wonder what the kids see when they look at me, I mean I remember looking at subs and making all these, probably terribly wrong, decisions about who they were and what their life was like.
Today could have been day 2 of substituting but apparently they do not need me, which means I got up at 5:30 for nothing. Though it did allow me to read the entirity of Connie Willis's "Bellweather" before 8 am, which is kinda like an accomplishment right? So here I am at 8:30 in the morning and I already feel like a nap, I should probably go and do something constructive but really cleaning is boring and with my computer down the only other choices are reading and TV. And after a Willis novel TV and the other books I checked out feel insufficiently interesting (I mean how many of them are gonna combine science, snippets of classics and some delightful, but not overbearing, romance? My guess is very, very few...). Well I suppose I can just purposelessly web surf, one can always amuse oneself with the random links and whatnot... Or maybe I'll be a good girl and find something more productive (though the length of this entry suggests I'm desperate to avoid that!) Well anyways I've more than exhausted the stuff I actually had to talk about so: Hi-ho Browser Away!
Thursday, March 22nd, 2007
8:10 am
Well, I feel that I really should update this (I'm tired of looking at an entry from last summer), but theirs not a whole lot to say. I still have no job, though the Orange County Department of Education has given me a permit to subsitute teach, the district I want to teach for needs me to go to an orientation. My computer is slowly dying on me, which makes typing a pain (there's a loose wire somwhere that keeps it from noticing about a quarter of the letters I type) and a post like this incredibly slow. I'm needlepointing again so if any of you have something you'd really like to see yarn let me know.
Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
8:18 am
So Dave and I are frantically cleaning and packing tying to get all the stuff done before we head up to Chico (We'll be there Aug 1st through 18th I believe), to be fair Dave is frantic, I'm still pretty calm about the whole thing. But we did take some time on Fri to head to the track for a concert, where a series of interesting (to me) things happened. The first is that Dave, who is the world's biggest sports fan but who has always been vaguely contemptuous of the horse races on tv, actually seemed to enjoy the 2 races at the track. I've actually always liked horse racing just because the critters are pretty (running machines are cool!) but never seen 'em live before, very much cooler. While we were standing on the rail to watch the races, I felt a rather hard blow/tap to my shoulder (which caused me to turn to David with rising anger, "what was that for?!", oops), turns out it was Marissa Zubia from highschool. She saw me from somewhere else in the track, recognized me and came over to see me,we chatted for a bit and then she went to join her fiancee for the race. I feel really weird about this whole thing because here's the thing, until she told me who she was I didn't recognize her (then of course I could see the connection) because, you know, she's grown up, and I had previously felt like I had accomplished this same growing up, and no longer was clearly recognized from (for instance) goofy highschool pictures...
Well anyways, I didn't see Marrissa again after the race, even though we were both there for the concert. The track apparently books bands for after the races end on Fri. nights and it's free with track admission(which is only 6 bucks), or free if you come after the races end but before the courtyard fills up. So we went early so as not to risk missing the Flaming Lips, and they were, as always, awesome. We took another friend though and I felt bad since he clearly didn't enjoy the concert, alas, what can you do.
Rest of the weekend was filled with boring and icky tasks, but my cough seems to finally have cleared up, and we're on the homestretch to Chico (just need to decide how much clothing is required for a nearly 3 week trip, can I get away with my small bag?) just a little more cleaning and then we kick my sister out of her room (she's going to sleep in a tent!).
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
6:56 am
So, I finally got my license. Only narrowly beating my youngest sister to hers. I know should feel some real satisfaction about this, but for somereason I just feel embarassed that it took me so long. Oh, well, now I have it at least.

On another topic, there was a man at the DMV yesterday who was so annoying I can understand why clerks would evolve attitude. This man was so annoying that when he went to talk to his original clerks supervisor to complain about her, I wanted to stick around just to make sure that they knew it wasn't her fault (I didn't because after listening to him talk to both supervisors for 15 minutes I knew that they understood that already). One tiny example of his idiocy: The clerk is explaining that if he changes his address it will take 20 dollars and several weeks for his card to arrive in the mail. He responds with, "Card, what are you talking about card? Are you talking about my licence? I've never heard it called a card before, you're not making sense". The clerk desperately trying to keep her temper then tries to explain that if he changes his address on his licence it will cost 20 dollars and take several weeks for his licence to arrive, and does he want to do that? He responds with, "Who calls it a card, I've never heard it called a card before?"
This man was so aggravating, and in the entire time I was in that line never stopped whining, that he made me feel sorry for the DMV. Maybe the massive inefficency isn't their fault, maybe it's just the fact that they are required to accomodate the lowest common denominator, how can we fix this? Unsure, but surely we can have some sort of tracking system put in for most govrnment agencies, where by being intelligent you are rewarded by streamlined service? Ah yes, the internet!

Don't mind me, just crazy musings....
Thursday, June 8th, 2006
8:20 am
Ok, so I haven't done a post in a long-long time. It's cuz really nothing's happening. No really, I'm kinda looking for a job (I want to have one but I don't want to have to find one) sorta, almost. I've been practicing driving. Turn's out Dave thinks that I should write books, and I need to remember to call my friends back during daylight hours...

Oh and my computer, at less than a year old seems to be dying a slow death (the keyboard and battery are both totally screwed up...).

I've been cleaning the apt. up gradually...

Yep, nothing to really post about, though I realize I should do it just so you guys know I"m still alive...

Oh, had lots of new fillings last week, it really messed up my mouth, I got to pay a fortune for torture! (For some reson Novicaine doesn't seem to work very well on me anymore, in one of my visits they gave me 5 shots of it and I was still in pain)

I think I shall go eat breakfast now...
Friday, February 10th, 2006
3:41 pm
Yes, I once again am allowed to learn how to drive! Watch out drivers here I come!
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
7:36 am
This weekend is the dreaded grading of the papers, it's like the running of the bulls but much, much scarier.

So this is what I'm doing all weekend, several hundred pages of reading and 25 papers worth of grading. Bah, humbug.
Weekends should be fun and frolicsome, not filled with grading!

In other news, actually there is no other news, just stupid school, occasional illness and the perpetual need to clean this place up. Sigh..
Friday, January 27th, 2006
6:48 am
School sucks, but I'm plugging away. Right now I need to do some work, but all I wish to do is sleep, ahhh, the fun of college.

In other news I've got a lot of scrapes and bruises these days, and I have no idea where most of them came from. The one I do know is that I acidently sliced by thumb yesterday with one of my own nails, not scratched or scraped, actually cut. I'm a danger to myself (though hopefully not others).

I've been learning neat stuff about autism and a possible connection to our mirror neurons, feel free to query me for more info.

This shouldn't evn count as a post, but I wanted to put off work for another minute, so in that regard I have succeeded.

Oh, and Ruth I may have an idea for your birthday present, huzzah!

Thursday, January 12th, 2006
8:46 am
Those pro and anti-federalists
We read a little bit of really old stuff at the beginning of every quarter in the class I TA for, and I can't help it I'm always impressed. It's probably like the old movie thing (ya know, it's not that they used to make better movies it's tat we only continue to watch the ones that were good), I don't believe that everybody (and by everybody I refer of course to propertied white males) could write like that, but these guys crafted a good argument. This quarter we start off with some readings of the federalists and anti-federalists (the guys who argued for and against the constitution, my students always seem to think that the anti-federalists were secretly anarchists or something and I have to explain "no, the were just fine with the articles", which leads to the "what articles" conversation) and I gotta say they both have some well expressed points. The thing that makes me sad is that reading their arguments only seems to generate random capitalization in their writing, not anysort of coherence or structure. Alas!

-This has been a random blurb from Erin

(Oh and I am also appaled that they allow me to teach writing to people, I mean really, the fact that I can help them is a bad sign...)
Monday, January 9th, 2006
7:10 am
School is back in session! I'm melting! Melting!!!!!!

Geez, look who I'm channeling, school isn't my kryptonite, it's my soapy water. Not really so much an indictment of the system as it is something bad about me (Damn, Erin shoulda gone for the kryptonit metaphor, then you coulda been superman, and school would be the bad guy)

The sucky thing is that I start school in like 2 hours and I figured out my (tentative) class schedule like 5 minutes ago (right before I checked webcomics and blogs, I'm sad that only took me 5 minutes today...) and I don't think my advisor's going to approve this schedule, so I may be in trouble...

Eh, it'll all work out, and he kinda has to approve the schedule or I wont be taking enough classes, take that Teacher-man!

Erm, now I'm channeling a low grade villian in a Tick-style universe, I better go before I become more versed in Evil.


(Oh and Ruth, almost done with the Magicians (yea!), Dave keeps looking over, "wait did you just start another book?"......"um, no?")
Friday, January 6th, 2006
10:44 pm
I'm baack!

Course, to the only person who reads this I'm not back anymore, but er, well I don't know what else. Safely on the ground and what not.

Sleep, she beckons!
Thursday, December 8th, 2005
11:16 am
Okay, since internet-wise I'm often the last to know, you've possibly already discovered this and grown weary, but I"m in the throws of my new love for a cool concept and encourage you all to vote your hearts out: http://www.codeasart.com/poetry/darwin.html
Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
8:00 am
Just workin' along singing a song during fi-yinals. (It kinda works to the tune in my head...)

I'm writing a stupid paper that sucks, but my Prof. essentially told me that it's OK to suck, so...Well actually, my paper is about negative results, so I found that something couldn't be done, which feels insufficient basis for a paper, but he keeps saying negatve results are still results, I'm just sad my paper will be so boring...

Oh, and I think I'm gonna buy egg-nog today! Christmas is a coomin in!

And my plans are official morning of 22-6 and dave's morning of 27-6 Huzzah and stuff. We waited and waited and actuallygot a better price on the tickets, wierd huh?

Must go to grocery store! TTFN
Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
7:36 am
I passed!
Caloo, calay, oh frabcious day, I chortled in my joy!

My prof told me yesterday that I passed my stupid paper: Huzzah the work paid off! Well, I get a master's anyways...that counts as a payoff right?

We're in week 10 (last week before finals) now and things are pretty hectic, but at least we're not alone. In one of my classes my teacher still hasn't returned the homeworks we did like 3 weeks ago (it was two pages long, there's a dozen of us in the class, how long can it take?). In the other class my proffessor announced yesterday that the presentations we were supposed to do on our final paper tomorrow, should probably be done sometime during finals week instead, which is good since none of us have gotten anywhere with it (he'd promised he'd do a presentation as well and wasn't ready either). So now all I have to do is a ton of work instaed of an impossible amount of work. Well I guess I should really get going on that work stuff, if I manage to get stuff done on time maybe I can convince David to get me a baby christmas tree (they're so cute!they have these little non-pine plants that they've trimmed to shape so you can have a christmas tree and thenn have a porch plant, I love the iea but David doesn't seem as keen). Course if we got a tree I"d have to clean the house for it, and that sounds pretty awful...

Oh plus, Civ 4 is terrific, I played it through my recovery and that was good but I wasn't really feeling the obsession (that was probably due to the pain and drugs combo), but now it's kicking in. Ah, glorious addiction, I cackled madly yesterday as I crushed an Aztec city and burned it to the ground (your post-capture options are "install a new governor" or "BURN, BABY BURN!" complete with caps, how I chortle as I select the latter). Dave's into it too and we've been spending entirely too much time on this hotseat game, we're about to start building the spaceship and some of the other civs haven't even discovered astronomy or paper. Anna, you've got to put this on your christmas list, best time waster ever!

Speaking of wasting time, I really have to go work, (I have this crazy teacher who wants us to turn in our assignments before class today...(we really do need more punctuation, I need an indignation mark!))I'm working on being a good friend this holiday season so people can expect calls from me at random, and probably inoportune, moments when I have time or am simply shirking my duties.

Friday, November 25th, 2005
5:02 pm
Ah, Thanksgiving
What can one say about a holiday devoted to food except "yum"? Things went pretty well, we're at David's family's house, of course, went over to the Japanese grandparents house for the dinner itself, had fun, ate waaaaay to much. Now we're having "Thanksgiving 2: the other relatives" with David's Mom's Mom. It's times like this that I look around and think, "how'd I end up with in-laws BEFORE I got married?". I mean really, I have to track extended kin networks and know random facts about where people were born and the degree of ease in their labors... Oh, and it's becoming increasingly clear that the family is becoming impatient for the virtual in-laws to become actual in-laws, David's mom has mentioned marriage at least three times in as many days ("and when you two get married...") and at one point told him that he should buy a house (he recently inherited some money) but she guessed he could wait til we got mariied. It's just so wierd to have the two principles in a relationship having never discussed marriage and all their relatives have them married off already.

We have however, officially passed the three year mark now and, sorry to be gushy, love each other as much as ever. I mean 3 years of near continuous contact and I still miss him every time he leaves, even for just a few hours.

On a different subject, I'm turning 25 in like 3 weeks, does this mean that I'm too old to not send out christmas cards? Can I get away with the no-card situation for a little while longer or have I already pushed it too far?
Saturday, November 19th, 2005
7:26 am
Pain=Lack of wisdom
So my wisdom teeth are freshly extracted. I'm actually doing pretty well now that I can keep liquids down, for a while it was pretty bad. But hey I can type, so I must be getting better. So far, no complications and lots of Civ, now as long as I can make a full recovery by Mon. afternoon we're all good. I'm even already reducing my vikaden intake; good news for those of my students sending me e-mails filled with questions...

So yeah, that's me pained and un-wise, oh, well time for more broth and pills. Once talking's a little easier I'll call people back, and chat, and thank them for well wishes and cards, and stuff, but till then Erin is (for once) going to be pretty quiet...

the broth beckons, TTFN
Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
8:15 am
Err, Ignore this, I just needed someplace to write a to-do list that I couldn't lose... and that I could access anywhere...

To do list:

Respond to Yimas
Assign 6

e-mail my students back
post about forecast etc.

paper 1 (padgett)
paper 2 (piggott)
rough draft
-print/read rose and walker
-outline and focus thoughts
-write the damn thing

teeth info
pay bills
clean kitchen
make christmas list
go costco (get stuffing, toilet paper, tissue)
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