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So Dave and I are frantically cleaning and packing tying to get all the stuff done before we head up to Chico (We'll be there Aug 1st through 18th I believe), to be fair Dave is frantic, I'm still pretty calm about the whole thing. But we did take some time on Fri to head to the track for a concert, where a series of interesting (to me) things happened. The first is that Dave, who is the world's biggest sports fan but who has always been vaguely contemptuous of the horse races on tv, actually seemed to enjoy the 2 races at the track. I've actually always liked horse racing just because the critters are pretty (running machines are cool!) but never seen 'em live before, very much cooler. While we were standing on the rail to watch the races, I felt a rather hard blow/tap to my shoulder (which caused me to turn to David with rising anger, "what was that for?!", oops), turns out it was Marissa Zubia from highschool. She saw me from somewhere else in the track, recognized me and came over to see me,we chatted for a bit and then she went to join her fiancee for the race. I feel really weird about this whole thing because here's the thing, until she told me who she was I didn't recognize her (then of course I could see the connection) because, you know, she's grown up, and I had previously felt like I had accomplished this same growing up, and no longer was clearly recognized from (for instance) goofy highschool pictures...
Well anyways, I didn't see Marrissa again after the race, even though we were both there for the concert. The track apparently books bands for after the races end on Fri. nights and it's free with track admission(which is only 6 bucks), or free if you come after the races end but before the courtyard fills up. So we went early so as not to risk missing the Flaming Lips, and they were, as always, awesome. We took another friend though and I felt bad since he clearly didn't enjoy the concert, alas, what can you do.
Rest of the weekend was filled with boring and icky tasks, but my cough seems to finally have cleared up, and we're on the homestretch to Chico (just need to decide how much clothing is required for a nearly 3 week trip, can I get away with my small bag?) just a little more cleaning and then we kick my sister out of her room (she's going to sleep in a tent!).
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