allegram (allegram) wrote,


School is back in session! I'm melting! Melting!!!!!!

Geez, look who I'm channeling, school isn't my kryptonite, it's my soapy water. Not really so much an indictment of the system as it is something bad about me (Damn, Erin shoulda gone for the kryptonit metaphor, then you coulda been superman, and school would be the bad guy)

The sucky thing is that I start school in like 2 hours and I figured out my (tentative) class schedule like 5 minutes ago (right before I checked webcomics and blogs, I'm sad that only took me 5 minutes today...) and I don't think my advisor's going to approve this schedule, so I may be in trouble...

Eh, it'll all work out, and he kinda has to approve the schedule or I wont be taking enough classes, take that Teacher-man!

Erm, now I'm channeling a low grade villian in a Tick-style universe, I better go before I become more versed in Evil.


(Oh and Ruth, almost done with the Magicians (yea!), Dave keeps looking over, "wait did you just start another book?"......"um, no?")
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