allegram (allegram) wrote,

Ah, Thanksgiving

What can one say about a holiday devoted to food except "yum"? Things went pretty well, we're at David's family's house, of course, went over to the Japanese grandparents house for the dinner itself, had fun, ate waaaaay to much. Now we're having "Thanksgiving 2: the other relatives" with David's Mom's Mom. It's times like this that I look around and think, "how'd I end up with in-laws BEFORE I got married?". I mean really, I have to track extended kin networks and know random facts about where people were born and the degree of ease in their labors... Oh, and it's becoming increasingly clear that the family is becoming impatient for the virtual in-laws to become actual in-laws, David's mom has mentioned marriage at least three times in as many days ("and when you two get married...") and at one point told him that he should buy a house (he recently inherited some money) but she guessed he could wait til we got mariied. It's just so wierd to have the two principles in a relationship having never discussed marriage and all their relatives have them married off already.

We have however, officially passed the three year mark now and, sorry to be gushy, love each other as much as ever. I mean 3 years of near continuous contact and I still miss him every time he leaves, even for just a few hours.

On a different subject, I'm turning 25 in like 3 weeks, does this mean that I'm too old to not send out christmas cards? Can I get away with the no-card situation for a little while longer or have I already pushed it too far?
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