allegram (allegram) wrote,

Pain=Lack of wisdom

So my wisdom teeth are freshly extracted. I'm actually doing pretty well now that I can keep liquids down, for a while it was pretty bad. But hey I can type, so I must be getting better. So far, no complications and lots of Civ, now as long as I can make a full recovery by Mon. afternoon we're all good. I'm even already reducing my vikaden intake; good news for those of my students sending me e-mails filled with questions...

So yeah, that's me pained and un-wise, oh, well time for more broth and pills. Once talking's a little easier I'll call people back, and chat, and thank them for well wishes and cards, and stuff, but till then Erin is (for once) going to be pretty quiet...

the broth beckons, TTFN
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